Life Insurance Exams & Exercise

Exercise is undoubtedly beneficial for overall health, but did you know that engaging in vigorous physical activity before a medical exam can have unintended consequences? Exercising before your exam may not be in your best interest, especially when it comes to securing favorable insurance rates.

The Science Behind Exercise and Medical Exams

Exercise has a profound impact on various biomarkers in the body, including liver enzymes, creatine kinase and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP). These biomarkers are indicators of muscle breakdown and inflammation, and their levels can be elevated following a strenuous workout. Elevated levels of these biomarkers can potentially skew the results of medical exams, leading to inaccurate assessments of health status.

Let’s dive deeper into why you should avoid exercise before your medical exam:

  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure: Exercise right before a scheduled exam can temporarily raise your heart rate and blood pressure, which can potentially affect your results.
  • Muscle soreness and inflammation: Strenuous exercise can cause muscle soreness and inflammation, which might be detected in a physical exam or blood test. This could potentially impact your life insurance rates.
  • Dehydration: Exercise can lead to dehydration, which can affect your blood pressure and other vital signs. Dehydration can also make it more difficult for blood to be drawn or to obtain a urine sample.
  • Inaccurate results: The goal of a life insurance exam is to get an accurate snapshot of your overall health. Exercising before the exam could potentially skew the results, leading to inaccurate assessments of your health and potentially affecting your life insurance rates.

Additionally, certain foods consumed before exercise, such as starches, can further complicate the interpretation of test results. It’s important to recognize that even temporary elevations in biomarkers due to exercise can be misinterpreted by insurance companies, potentially resulting in higher insurance rates.

For more tips to a successful medical exam, check out our guide on our website here.

Transparency is Key for Medical Exams

As with any aspect of the medical exam process, transparency is paramount. It’s essential to disclose your exercise habits honestly and openly to your examiner. By providing accurate information about your lifestyle, including exercise routines, you can help ensure that your insurance rates are based on a true reflection of your health status.

Our Commitment to Accuracy

At APPS of Georgia, we pride ourselves on our dedication to delivering fast and accurate paramedical exams that streamline the life insurance process. With more than 40 years of experience serving agents and clients across Georgia, we understand the importance of transparency in the life insurance process. Our team is committed to ensuring that all relevant health information is accurately documented, enabling agents and underwriters to make informed decisions.


Following these tips does not guarantee insurability or particular rates, which are determined solely by the insurance carrier.

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